"The Hosts"

by Lions Among Wolves

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Debut album from Lions Among Wolves.

Track Listing:

1. Welcome to Our Generation
2. Tribulation
3. The Pharisees
4. IX
5. Creedence
6. Dreamer
7. Morning Star
8. Anointed
9. Precipice
10. The Arbiter
11. Steel Wool

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released April 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Lions Among Wolves Slidell, Louisiana

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Track Name: Welcome to Our Generation
Welcome to our generation, Where the hopeless and discouraging dwell. Welcome to our world, but we will not let them rule. so here we stand.
Track Name: Tribulation
I will stand tall with a fist full of fury. The punishment is long lived, righting wrongs you’ve never dreamt because; your mind tricks you and so does he; oblivious to everything. And i know you seem so empty without these thoughts and hypocrisy, but don’t fear, we’ve got you now. and i follow you, don’t let me down. for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, i wanna see you fall. i bleed i bleed, why not for what is right. Mountains were made to climb. Man the cannons; line the fences, we came to fight.for our struggle is not against flesh and blood. i wanna see you fall. prepare yourself, for what’s soon to come. i’ve come for him with no fear at all. We’ve come knocking at your door, and i’ve brought an army. They call us; the hosts. And we’ve come to bring you down. 5
Track Name: The Pharisees
Round and round we go, The movement never stops Thrown into a wasteland we call our home, we aren’t brothers, Nine lives and toss your wishes aside because your faith’s no good here. Your deceiving looks taste bitter sweet; your lips drip with the same poison you claim you hate. Shed your skin. Don’t assume the worst; you’ve never seen the best. Don’t rest don’t sleep, don’t settle for less. Recreate what was beautiful. You can’t hold your breathe for a lifetime, take a breather. every stare you give belittling; we’ll be watching you. Your putdowns, your meltdowns, your faults, your dishonesty,; we’ll be watching you. No one writes your story, be the cure. Is this the story now is this the story, we tell our families then? we had our ups and then we had our downs, but we never let anyone fall.
Track Name: IX
Life holds a beautiful dream, to love to learn to rediscover the meaning of beauty at it’s greatist moment. And I will be there to show you the way. Go on and on and on, show me how I believe. Go on and on and on further my resting case. You are my shining sun, you are the light for me to see, don’t you set for now, rise up and carry me. You brought out the believer in me. I believe you are the angel sent down to make me whole again, piece by piece by piece make me whole again.
Track Name: Creedence
It’s been a while, since we last spoke,, maybe because all the things i’ve done make me choke. Proving my worth is like paving my way to hell and with that road, i’ll find solitude at last. Watch me burn, watch as the ashes soar higher than I ever could. The sky is the limit only if you believe, if only I could believe. That’s when I heard, beleive in me. Self worth is measured not in others eyes, but my eyes were made for him, let that fruit not waste for we are here, we are all living proof that there is hope, there is life, there is love and i’ll be here to proof you all that we are all living under one cause. We’re here on this earth. We call it home, so hold dear to everyone near, with hand to hand and heart to heart, keep reminding ourselves that we’re not alone.
Track Name: Dreamer
Wool so soft, to the eyes, yet so cold to the touch, keep hiding behind your curtain of lies, while all of our victims line up to watch you fall. Your ravenous claws only scratch the surface of what evil truly means. All your sins bright red, tearing your sould thread by thread. Saving your sorrow for all the jury to pity you. Though my lips are sealed, the king’ s words running through my veins. Your journey ends here, I will lay you to rest. Oh god please save me, from what i’m becoming. You’ve taught me better than to stoop to this lever. Stand firm, stand firm and never let go. Never slip away. You should know your faith lies in me. ou dreamer. I’ve wiped my slate clean. Show me the way. Oh dreamer, why won’t you dream? Dream of this heaven, I await you. You dreamer. I’ve wiped my slate clean. Show me the way. Oh dreamer, why won’t you dream? Dream of this heaven, I await you. this heaven, I await you.
Track Name: Morning Star
The power to hold life is not a thing a man should bear. Keep falling hard enough, soon your skin should wear. Virtues know no holding, no place in mind for a desert like yours.. Go on and show us what you’re fighting for. The cowardly stance is so well known. Your eyes to ours, our fist to yours. gimme one reason to not end you all, submisson to the one who put his hands on your throat, hoping and praying you’d do the same to one another.’raise your head, look around, you’re needed. but he’s got you right where he needs you to be. when the clock is stopped, when time no longer exists, will you? Take your rights, take your wrongs, see that you’ve had it all along. ticking clocks meet ticking bombs but you need to know how to make it all last. here comes the long stretch, take on last look ack. you know where you were, you know who you loved/ and you surely know where your life will be; live on.
Track Name: Anointed
What have you given me, false hope to look forward to. raging inside, you taught me how to keep this in. now you’ve lost sight on what was right. i’m leaving you. why? let go of your ambition, it’s keeping you from rising above us all. a wise man once said, your focus determines your reality. watch out here comes the tragedy of what you’ll soon be bringing. The rise up is only beginning, (please stop now) these scars won’t show in vain. your downfall is only beginning (won’t stop now) your scars will leave us pain. blinded by those who promise gold when their hands are painted red by the blood of your brothers. then you are lost. i’ve seen you cry. i’ve seen you fly. when the world was not enoguh, you pushed on by. i have failed you. i will do what i must. i loved you
Track Name: Precipice
a lover boy who never listened well. a true fighter, an insider for some insight of what it means to be in love. so go on and show’em and sing for all of us with no stardom. let your wings be what carry you. carry me, through the mountains between and the clouds beneath me. should i be willing, should i not be wishing to be where i am not. no, don’t hold a troubled heart, beat my son, beat for those who cannot. why can i feel what others cannot? they’re too covered in filth, to see, to remember what they forgot. give them away, give them a way out.life is too precious to hold such deceit in your heart. fly again, no more to be wishing for a better way. you’ve found yourself a resting place where all is calm and all is known.
Track Name: The Arbiter
World, exposed to filth, I can’t. I won’t watch it all burn. In my life I’ve done some bad,, I’ve done some things i’m not too proud of. But, I wil repay every last soul that i’ve stepped on along the way. I’ve been given a second chance, a new chapter of my life has begun. I will reach accross this land, spreadin hope and crushing those who have writhed this place with filth, I, more than anyone, know what it means to lose the very thing that makes us who we are. Im here to reveal hope to uncover everything we’ve forgotten.Going on is a hardy struggle but just keep this in mind, you were meant to behold this power, you were meant to shine. You were destined for so much more than you think you are worth. You were destined for greatness. You’re my hero. be our hero, be our hero, see the world be all you were meant to be. Be the hero this world deserves.
Track Name: Steel Wool
They when it rains it pours. Let the rain fall let it pour. Steel wool. You have lips at your feet. Poor souls. Know not what you are. Let me make it easy for you to see what it is that encumbers you. The beautiful picture you paint so elegantly. What an artist. Steel Wool we’ll make you known. All the hurt all the pain all the sorrow. Disguised in the coat of a sheep. Sleep now. Count your sheep for they come and go. gather around , hear the voices. Rising to find you so hear them now. The weight you carried is lifted and buried. No more will you hurt, my friend. Steel wool; you’ll hear me now. Steel wool, you’ll listen now. You suffer at your own expense. You suffer. 9